Release your Fear and get Prosperity in your Life

Fear controls and ruins so many people’s lives. Some of them don’t even know it. It is the most dominant negative human emotion and if let run wild can cause an onset of other emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, confusion, loneliness, and other bad negative emotions. The good news is that fear isn’t the most dominant human emotion, actually all of the negative emotions can be dominated by positive ones such as love, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

First a little about this emotion. The definition for fear is ” to be afraid of.” Fear is a from a greek word φόβος,phóbos which means “fear” or “morbid fear” induced by a perceived threat. It is also a basic survival instinct is response to pain or threat of danger. Almost always fear relates to future events or an instant reaction to something presently happening. This powerful emotion can have more than just a mental effect fear is capable of producing physical symptoms such as a panic attack. releaseyourfears

If let run wild fear will dominate your life. You need to take charge and focus all of your energy on positive things and event try to see the good out of negative events or circumstances. By focusing your energy on positives you won’t have enough time and energy left to have fears. Actually instead of the fears holding you back the more you focus on positives the more positives you will attract. This is the basic principle behind the law of attraction.

This has so many times where a person worries about an event for weeks and weeks and then when it finally gets here and passes they say “Wow that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” That is because you spent weeks and weeks swirling it around in your head that it was going to be so bad that as it got closer the anxiety was the only thing on your mind. Now imagine if you took all of that negative energy fearing something you might not even have had control over and turned it positive. You could have enjoyed more time with your family or worked harder and made more money. The same thing applies to all of your fears.


If you fear something you are only going to make it worse. You are going to have doubts and anxiety. Now enough with the information about why you shouldn’t let fear control your life. I’m sure you get the picture at this point. The good news is that fear is easily overcome by love. I’ll show you a technique to get rid of these fears in an instant. The technique itself is easy to learn and very simple but it might take a lot of time and practice to master.


Start by taking action now saying to yourself  “I Love my current situation and any future ones I might have. I Love my life, job, family, friends, and even my enemies” Learn to focus on loving things and not fearing them.  Keep practicing this throughout your day and anytime something negative comes into your mind stop and think of  all the things you love. Your life is great and you should spend as much time as you can living and not fearing.

“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is” – German Proverb

“Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it.” – Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)Incoming search terms for Motivation and Happiness: