Rest as your everyday regenerator

Rest prepares your body and mind for life’s daily challenges. The Bible describes how David, one of the greatest warriors in the Bible, rested every night to get ready for battle the next day.  Sleep refreshes your body and mind so that you can focus and make decisions with clarity.

T.D. Jakes has a great teaching that describes how the enemy wins when you’re weary.  Without rest, you can’t think straight.  You make bad decisions.  You say bad words.  You associate with bad people.  You are completely unable to fully control your life, because you are too tired and frustrated to deal with it.  That’s when the enemy attacks!  You begin to question your own abilities and doubt yourself in every situation.  However, this entire situation can be avoided.  Simply, choose to get an adequate amount of rest.


Personally, I need eight hours of sleep per night to be at my best the next day.  Of course there are many medical opinions about this topic, but most recommend between six to eight hours per night.  I truly believe that it’s a personal choice.  For instance, I have a friend in Malta named Alfred that only sleeps between three to five hours per night.  It seems to work for him, but I don’t recommend it for everyone.  So, how much is enough?  Medically speaking…I have no clue.  If you roll out of bed in the morning with a clear mind and rested body, then I say that’s a great start.

Your failure to get enough rest not only affects you but also everyone else around you. Have you ever tried to have a serious conversation when you were just too tired to think straight?  Your judgment goes out the window and you likely give in to the demands of others.  Possibly, you’ve been working on an important project and cut corners because you are simply too fatigued to give it your best.  These are situations in which others suffer from your lack of rest.


You can’t deny the fact you feel better when you get a great night’s sleep.  Your seventh challenge is pretty simple.  Sleep.  That’s it.  Instead of turning on the television to watch mindless shows, going out to late-night hangouts with friends or continually staying up late to finish a project, get into your bed and go to sleep. Combine eating healthy with your sleep. Buy a good foodsaver vacuum sealer and cook healthy and preserver your food. Healthy food helps you get better sleep. You can’t be the person that you want to be in life and accomplish all of your dreams and goals unless you are able to be mentally and physically prepared so make sleep a priority beginning today.

Release your Fear and get Prosperity in your Life

Fear controls and ruins so many people’s lives. Some of them don’t even know it. It is the most dominant negative human emotion and if let run wild can cause an onset of other emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, confusion, loneliness, and other bad negative emotions. The good news is that fear isn’t the most dominant human emotion, actually all of the negative emotions can be dominated by positive ones such as love, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.


First a little about this emotion. The definition for fear is ” to be afraid of.” Fear is a from a greek word φόβος,phóbos which means “fear” or “morbid fear” induced by a perceived threat. It is also a basic survival instinct is response to pain or threat of danger. Almost always fear relates to future events or an instant reaction to something presently happening. This powerful emotion can have more than just a mental effect fear is capable of producing physical symptoms such as a panic attack. releaseyourfears

If let run wild fear will dominate your life. You need to take charge and focus all of your energy on positive things and event try to see the good out of negative events or circumstances. By focusing your energy on positives you won’t have enough time and energy left to have fears. Actually instead of the fears holding you back the more you focus on positives the more positives you will attract. This is the basic principle behind the law of attraction.

This has so many times where a person worries about an event for weeks and weeks and then when it finally gets here and passes they say “Wow that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” That is because you spent weeks and weeks swirling it around in your head that it was going to be so bad that as it got closer the anxiety was the only thing on your mind. Now imagine if you took all of that negative energy fearing something you might not even have had control over and turned it positive. You could have enjoyed more time with your family or worked harder and made more money. The same thing applies to all of your fears.


If you fear something you are only going to make it worse. You are going to have doubts and anxiety. Now enough with the information about why you shouldn’t let fear control your life. I’m sure you get the picture at this point. The good news is that fear is easily overcome by love. I’ll show you a technique to get rid of these fears in an instant. The technique itself is easy to learn and very simple but it might take a lot of time and practice to master.


Start by taking action now saying to yourself  “I Love my current situation and any future ones I might have. I Love my life, job, family, friends, and even my enemies” Learn to focus on loving things and not fearing them.  Keep practicing this throughout your day and anytime something negative comes into your mind stop and think of  all the things you love. Your life is great and you should spend as much time as you can living and not fearing.

“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is” – German Proverb

“Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it.” – Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)Incoming search terms for Motivation and Happiness:

Key Points on Investing in Positive Cash Flow Properties

If you want to invest on property, you must see to it that you are buying the right types and you are buying from the right places. You need to be sure that the unit of your choice is likely going to get you the yield that you are hoping to get out of the investment that you are about to make. It is recommended that when you invest; make sure that you focus on acquiring those positive cash flow properties.

Cash flow is considered as the backbone of any investment strategy if it were to be successful. If you are just starting out in the field, you want to see to it that you are able to get a property that can offer you as much steady cash flow as possible. This is simply the income you get that exceeds the actual costs of operating a property and owning it as if you are actually running an actual business establishment.

Understand that when investing on real estate, this is not a passive investment setup. No matter what kinds of property you purchase, big or small, it has to be considered as an actual business. It is going to have expenses, it is going to have revenues as well. Both of these factors can be affected by your decisions as the owner though. This is why your knowledge in running a property comes to mind here.

The right business mindset will take you a long way; this allows you to recognize which properties are worth investing in based on how you assess their performance in the market over the years to come. A good business mindset requires you as the investor to learn how to appraise properties. This way, you can recognize the ones that are considered as potential incomes and those that can be expected to fit well with your kind of business plan.

Key Points on Investing in Positive Cash Flow Properties

Recognizing the right properties to invest on means being a geographical specialist. An investor needs to have a good knowledge on how to identify those areas that are considered as economically strong. This means that these are locations that are likely to have units that would sell at better rates in the market due to of strategically they are located. Make it a point to not just go and buy anywhere that you can find a deal.

Know exactly what you are looking for, it can be overwhelming to have to comb through all the possible properties that are present around when you do not know how to identify the right choice. Know what kind of return it is that you hope off of the positively geared property that you plan on purchasing. This can depend on the current income that you earn, your current position as far as tax goes, as well as how comfortable you are with debt.

Another way of getting a good idea where those properties are that will likely get you better cask flow is to talk to agents. Talk to a number of real estate professionals to get an overall picture of the area where you plan to make the purchase at. This should help  give you an idea of the growth potential of the properties in the vicinity. This also help you determine which areas you may need to avoid.

How to Choose the Best Energy Booster Products

Many people these days live a really hectic lifestyle. Many of them have to do activities on the regular that require them to have the necessary energy level to get through the day. Keeping this up every day, five days a week can sometimes be tough. This is why there are a lot of people that refer to supplements to allow them to give the complementary boost that they require to be livelier and more motivated to accomplish more. Products like the Energy Booster are designed to help people achieve just that.

Athletes can really benefit from taking these kinds of supplements. They belong in a field where they are required to always be at the top of their game every day. Being able to use the right supplements that will keep them energized the entire time is going to help immensely. College students who have to pull off all-nighters when working on their papers and preparing for an exam can do with the energy boost too. To the business person, having the energy boost to work on those deadlines would be very beneficial.

Supplements like these are designed for those people that are looking for a boost not only in their physical energy, but also in improving their overall mental performance as well. There are many instances when one can actually benefit a lot from the capacity of the body to understand situation better and to process thoughts faster, especially during some very stressful circumstances. The right supplements are going to help a person achieve all that and even more.

Energy Booster is expected to offer positive effects when it comes to stamina and endurance. To is a product that contains botanicals that are adaptogenic. Adaptogenics have since been the subject of studies in athletes for many years now. This is because they are shown to actually support the increase in the production of energy and in the improved endurance of the person taking them. This is through elevating the functions of the cardiovascular system and at the same time, reducing the actual perception for effort. Isagenix offers isagenix energy and performance products which are quite effective.

How to Choose the Best Energy Booster Products

When it comes to the cognitive function, the product is expected to have beneficial effects through the presence of adaptogenic botanicals, along with the natural caffeine that each of this servings contain. Caffeine has always been noted for its ability to improve alertness. At the same time, its ingredients like the eleuthero root, schizandra berry, and rhodiola are credited to help increase the accuracy and the speed of a person especially when performing cognitive tasks. Isa-Genius offers various nutritional cleansing programs to stay in good shape.

What is good with this product is that it does not contain excessive levels of caffeine. Many products of the same kind that are offered in the market these days tend to have way too much caffeine content. This is not a good thing since way too high levels of caffeine can potentially cause some rather unwelcome side effects. Other products tend to have way too much sugar content, artificial coloring, sweeteners, as well as flavors. Hence, being very careful on the products that you will patronize is important so you are consuming something that is not only effective, but one that is safe as well.

Coloring face as an accessory to your costume on a party

Kids love colorful images and imagine all the time of them looking like their favorite cartoon character or will have an image of their favorite pet. Being artistic could be manifested in several ways. They can have the painting on a regular canvas, but when there is a festival or parties, one of the most in demand activities is the face painting. We see face painters at birthdays and other events too, which becomes one of the entertaining features of the celebration. As we are too busy preparing the foods for our visitors, these face painters are not failing to put a glam in a celebration.

Talented face painters Melbourne use the face of their visitors instead of a canvas to paint colorful pictures of their wishes and fantasies. When you are thinking about a suitable entertainer during children’s parties and festival celebrations, this could be the nicest idea you may have during the event. Favorite activity of the children, face painting has been the highlights in a celebration. You would like your celebration to have fun and interesting activities that would entertain your guests, you should hire an artist that holds liability insurance and practice the safe and hygienic techniques, such as changing water after every session and using the perfect and suitable paints for the skin and uses one clean sponge after every session. Knowing them as working as a face painter for how many years will at least make you trust their expertise. To complete around 12 faces an hour with full face painting would be a good one to hire.

Face painters are using their imagination to make an image on every face. They have this great creativity to create 3D paintings and would make a realistic image on their own. Public liability insurance has been obtained by all of the face painters for them to do their job very well. We know that some paints we are using commercially are toxic. We are avoiding some unfortunate instances wherein we will encounter allergic reaction towards the materials that they have used during the session. Their liability insurance will be the responsible to cover the medical bill of the client in case there is a problem that will be arising. All jobs have their own risks and such as this that involves children that could have an allergic reaction which becomes fatal if there is no proper and early intervention given.

Some chemicals are toxic in our skin and we should make sure that our painters are professional paint painters that has their liable insurance with them and using only the hypoallergenic paints and brushes for our skin. There is sensitive skin and we could provide them the best care as much as possible. We can enjoy the party and be sure that we are getting the right and professional painters that know the products which is suitable to human skin. Celebrations would have a spark as we have this different thing on our booth. It even adds a material on their costume.

How to Turn Your Expertise into a Business

Subject matter specialization is an important skill set to call someone an expert in something. Expertise is crucial for janitors and a CEO alike. Whether it is about cooking, fashion, architecture, entertainment, health care or any kind of service you can name, decades of expertise are most needed to establish consistency in any kind of business process. Business processes that lack consistency ultimately suffers demise. Every little act is about skill. Skill optimization is crucial to every specialty.
If you are an expert in something and you want to convert it in to business, you need to be accepted for your expertise. People need to see you in action. They need to see results. And, people should decide to buy the product or service you are willing to create out of your expertise. Your product or service should speak for itself and it should survive competitor challenges. You need to set a realistic money goal to keep your business sustained through varied economic conditions. You cannot offer services or products for free. You need to set a plan of action. And, as always it all starts with a well-planned business strategy.
money in the handsYou Need Funds

You need funds. There is no expertise that converts to money without starter funds. And, you should be clear about where your funds go to. Smart fund allocation and streamlined spending is crucial for any business process.
Streamlined Skills and Streamlined Profits
In reality, any kind of skill set can be streamlined to produce regular profits. While quantity matters a great deal to produce regular profits in any business, quality is crucial to attract regular and loyal customers to your service. Quality is a habit. Quality is not a one-time event. You should be committed in terms of time, mind, body, and soul to make your business a success. You should be prepared to work beyond the odds.
Successful businesses never compromise on quality. Any quality service that is a popular need can be strategized to produce streamlined profits. And, who does not want streamlined profits?
Time Orientation
Quality is achieved by investing the required amount of time. Time is an important parameter to achieve quality in any product manufacturing process or service based activity. Rushing a service type is only a sure fire recipe for disaster.
• You will never achieve anything by rushing your way uphill.
• Rushing should not be confused with essential productivity speed.
• Productivity speed is arrived at by applying cost accounting strategies considering all the parameters required for the successful completion of the manufacturing or service strategy.
• Essential productivity speed should not be confused with lazy workmanship. Lazy workmanship never helps the success factor of any business.
closing-a-business-deal-pic• Overworking and under working are both harmful for any kind of business.
• Overworking can lead to attitude saturation and eventual productivity mess up.
• Under working can kill profits.
• Consistent and scheduled work culture is crucial for the success of any business process.
And, the most important thing is that you should avoid trying to be unique and useless. Usefulness and quality consciousness has a natural method of making your common expertise appear unique in the eyes of your clients and that is just the beginning.